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Why We Love Heuristics (And You Should, Too!)


At Normal Modes, we’re frequently asked to provide descriptions of the services we provide and how theyproduce value for our clients. Today I’m going to describe heuristic analyses—a user experience technique that tends to get lost in an industry dominated by user interviews. At its core, a...

UX Tips: UX Maturity Model

Lately, I've been considering the future of UX. Recruiters often reach out to me looking for candidates for job opportunities they have open. I'm often stunned by the breadth of expertise UX applicants are expected to have: business analysis, visual design, application UI design, usability...

Combating CSS Entropy: Four Steps Towards Scalable CSS

The typographic grid: still as useful today?

Either on your own or in school, you probably learned at some point about the origins of the typographic grid. You know grids were developed with measurements from the golden ratio, the measurement that defines good aesthetics. You may also recall that layout/design using the golden section is...

Calculating ROI on UX & Usability Projects Webinar

Finally! Find out how to justify UX investments to upper management in terms they understand.

Right Frequency: October 10-15

Good things happening around the interwebs:

Adaptive Path starting posting their UX Week 2011 Videos. Great idea and they're free! (What's not to like?)

How to Think Like (and Design for) Your Customer: User Experience Fundamentals Workshop

Registration begins today for our November 10-11 UX strategy and design fundamentals workshop featuring Ken Penny and Angela Schmeidel Randall. Register before October 15 and get $200 off the price of registration.

You've got opinions. We've got gift cards. (Plus, a giveaway!)

Three great articles cover what you should know about personas

The foundation of creating an appropriate user experience is identifying the person who will be using your product. The product could be a website, the branding and marketing utilized to create a call to action, or simply the person to whom you wish to communicate.

Consider the User Experience & Usability of Your Website - from the Mom 2.0 Summit

Last week I had the honor to be a speaker at the Mom 2.0 Summit. The conference was fabulous - great ladies who were kind and supportive of each other, nice panels where everyone shared experiences, and the hotel - Wow! Four Seasons all the way!