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Right Frequency: Week of Oct. 31 - Nov. 4

In the news

Normal Modes hits the web with the results of our usability study on the 2012 GOP Presidential Candidates websites. Find What the People Really Want by reading the full report. You can also read about us on the Campaigns & Elections website.

Right Frequency: October 24-28

World Usability Day 2011

Right Frequency: October 17-21

Out there on the web

In honor of the Cheese Festival (Central Market buffs know what that is), here's a fun game to see if you have the mad skizzles..can you tell if it's a cheese or a font?

NM Presenting at IxDA Interaction 2012 in Dublin in Feburary

Right Frequency: October 10-15

Good things happening around the interwebs:

Adaptive Path starting posting their UX Week 2011 Videos. Great idea and they're free! (What's not to like?)

Dennis Ritchie RIP

In a short post noting the death of Dennis Ritchie, Jason Kottke remarks:

How to Think Like (and Design for) Your Customer: User Experience Fundamentals Workshop

Registration begins today for our November 10-11 UX strategy and design fundamentals workshop featuring Ken Penny and Angela Schmeidel Randall. Register before October 15 and get $200 off the price of registration.

10 Essential Books for Learning About User Experience & Usability

There are a lot of folks out there trying to make the leap from a traditional development model, to a model that incorporates the user experience into the development lifecycle. We hear from everyone from well-respected Fortune 500 companies struggling with how to turn the ship around to smaller...

You've got opinions. We've got gift cards. (Plus, a giveaway!)

Usability in Electronic Medical Records

A good friend sent me a post, Looking For a Game-Changer in Electronic Medical Records, from The Wall Street Journal's health blog. The gist of the article was this: Electronic Medical Records (EMR) don't necessarily "boost hospital quality measures." In other words, EMRs don't always mean more...