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Calculating ROI on UX & Usability Projects Webinar

Finally! Find out how to justify UX investments to upper management in terms they understand.

Angela Randall Speaking on End-to-End Customer Experience at Interaction12 in Dublin

Angela, Normal Modes founder and chief eXperience officer, spoke at the IxDA Interaction12 conference in Dublin this morning. Angela's presentation was on what she calls the "forgotten platforms" such as IVR (i.e. interactive voice systems), kiosks, and alternative displays (e.g. in-store...

Right Frequency: Week of Dec. 5 - 9

How does the song go? "The weather outside is frightful..." Winter has rolled into Texas this week with some temperature readings that have scared a few, but the Christmas season is in full swing and it's a great time of year.

8 Holiday Gift Ideas for UX (and related) Geeks

Experience design and development is one of those professions that really bleeds over into real life interests and pursuits, which can make buying holiday gifts either really easy - or INCREDIBLY difficult. What luck that there are so many geek-related gifts at affordable price-points this year!...

Right Frequency: Nov. 21-25 (Thanksgiving Edition)

Experience Gurus-

Right Frequency: Week of Nov. 14-18

Hello Experience Advocates-

Right Frequency: Week of Nov. 5 - 11

This week at Normal Modes

Another busy week at Normal Modes with the How to Think Like (and Design for) Your Customer: User Experience Workshop kicking off on Thursday and then celebrating World Usability Day with a happy hour at T'afia Restaurant and the inspiring words from owner and celebrity...

What the People Want - the GOP and Voter's Experience with Campaign Websites

Investigating the Voter Experience with Republican Candidate Websites

One year from today voters will hit the polls to elect our next president. While the GOP field is still undecided, we wanted to take a look at the campaign websites to evaluate how usable they are for potential voters and if...

World Usability Day Happy Hour: Cheers to Making Life Easy!

World Usability Day Happy Hour: Cheers to Making Life Easy!

Join Normal Modes on Thursday, November 10, 2011 from 5:30 PM to 7:30 PM at T'Afia Restaurant.