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Combating CSS Entropy: Four Steps Towards Scalable CSS

UX Tips: Identify Opportunities to Reduce Friction

Calculating ROI on UX & Usability Projects

UX Tips: Provide Sufficient Form Field Lengths

Ultimate UX Bootcamp - March 15-16 in Houston

Normal Modes will be hosting a two-day Ultimate UX Bootcampon March 15-16 in Houston.

The typographic grid: still as useful today?

Either on your own or in school, you probably learned at some point about the origins of the typographic grid. You know grids were developed with measurements from the golden ratio, the measurement that defines good aesthetics. You may also recall that layout/design using the golden section is...

Secrets of Creating a Remarkable Customer Experience

Today I spoke with a group of entrepreneurs about creating a remarkable customer experience. We all know about companies who are celebrated for having remarkable customer experiences. Companies like Zappos, Amazon, and Apple. There are countless books about how great their experiences are and all...

Six Benefits of Remote Usability Testing

'Lo about 2005 I started doing usability testing. I was working on a major redesign and replatforming of continental.com and we tested every interface multiple times, in cities across the U.S., before handing off the requirements to the development team. (This was also a different age when things...

UX Tips: Keep Icon Metaphors Obvious & Direct

Genuinely evolved interfaces are transparent, so transparent as to be invisible.

"The environment itself will be smart, rather than various function-specific nodes scattered through it. Genuinely ubiquitous computing spreads like warm Vaseline. Genuinely evolved interfaces are transparent, so transparent as to be invisible."

- William Gibson, in a talk for the Director's...