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If I had six hours to cut down a tree...

How the Government Dealt With Past Recessions (Information Design)

The Ebb and Flow of Movies: Box Office Receipts 1986 — 2008 (Information Design)

What I love most about a well-designed infographic is its ability to absorb me. Getting lost inside the graphic's features as I internalize the data and the lessons it teaches. I'm captivated by the beauty and elgance of beautifully presented complex data sets.

Houston's Restaurants Gratuity Guide (Everyday Usability)

I never know how much to tip. Which is to say, each time I enjoy a nice meal served by a waiter/waitress at a restaurant, the meal's end finds me silently calculating - and worrying about - the tip. How much is too much? Is my plan too little? (Do you still give the pizza man just $2.00?)

Tylenol PSA Ad (Everyday Usability)

How novel! An ad for headache medicine that offers helpful information to avoid a common headache trigger. COMPLETE WITH DIAGRAM. For both PC users and those of us with Macs.

Simply fabulous.

My only additional comment would be on the unintended irony of the difficult to reading the "font...

Gexa Energy Billing (Bad Usability/Customer Experience Review)

When I received my latest Gexa Energy bill recently, I expected it might be larger due to missed meter readings during Hurricane Ike. I'm not the only one. Today's Houston Chronicle is carrying a story about residents' shock at their much higher bills this month. I noticed my bill had been on...

Sometimes you're an asset, sometimes you're just an ass.

A former co-worker was so kind this week to write a recommendation for me on LinkedIn. This is how it appeared in Google Reader.

"Defend & Define Your Identity Online, Lest Others Do It For You"

Are web pages the new TV and phone?

According to Jason Fry writing in the Wall Street Journal, those inventions of the past - regarded in their generation as curiosities, in later generations as necessities - walked the well trodden path personal web pages will in the future.

Why? Two reasons,...