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Introducing YouX™: Your Path to UX Career Mastery

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After years of reviewing resumes and providing career advice to UX professionals, several years ago I got really interested in how the UX profession prepares the next generation of user experience professionals for their careers. I started by asking basic questions that had been raised in my career coaching sessions: 

  • What is a UX professional? What skills define a UX Designer and how do they differ from a UX Researcher?
  • What's the core set of skills a person needs to have at each stage of their career?
  • How does someone transition from another career into UX, especially someone with a competency in research or software development or design or another related field? What specific areas would they need to work on to fill in gaps? What are the gaps?
  • After several years in UX, what's the career path for a seasoned UX professional?
  • And many, many more.

What began as a series of questions about what constitutes a UX professional grew into a multi-year research project I curated in my spare time. Today I want to share with you my findings. 

YouX™ is research-based model that defines 28 dimensions of knowledge, skills, and attitudes grouped into 6 Areas of UX Expertise necessary for user experience professionals to succeed. YouX™emphasizes: 

  • Foundational competencies important to all user experience professionals, as well as
  • Specialized competency areas that are the interdisciplinary skills and knowledge required for each UX career path.

YouX™ also provides a framework for UX practitioners to choose their UX career journeymap

After completing the comprehensive skills assessment, people like you will receive a personalized YouX™ Skills Report that details:

YOUR overall UX skill level, 
YOUR six dimension competency breakdown,  
How YOUR salary compares to your peers, and
Tips for how to progress in YOUR UX career.

Now through December 31, 2017, the full YouX™ for Individual Contributors report is available for free with no strings attached. Give it a try and let us know what you think! 


Your YouXTM journey to begins here.


One final note: In beta tests of the YouX™Competency Model, we gathered feedback requesting a tool to help identify and develop the right UX professionals based on organization needs. For a nominal fee, YouX™for Teams provides a snapshot of individual and group strengths and gaps, as well as a strategic framework for future growth.  Learn more about YouX™ for Teams

Thanks for taking this journey with us. Let's continue to change the world, one experience at a time.