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Transitioning from Academia to UX (Ask Angela)



Hi Angela-

I'm finishing a Ph.D. in Applied Cognitive Psychology and I'd like to get into UX. I think I can put my research skills to use while I pick up more design. I've been interviewing like mad since earlier this year, but so far nothing's worked out.

During a recent job interview, I...

Our New Focus: UX.training

Over the last few months, I’ve been preparing for a big change — one that reflects an important new lesson which I’ve made the center of my life and work:

Three Benefits of Upfront User Research

We regularly get called upon to evaluate the usability of various websites or application UIs. In many cases, we’re evaluating a website, an application, or piece of hardware that’s already very far along in the development process (i.e., basically finished), and now the client would like a user...

Navigating the FDA’s Draft Human Factors and Usability Engineering Guidelines

The FDA provides a wealth of information about how to implement human factors processes in the design of medical devices, throughout the product lifecycle, with the goal of improving “the usability of devices to reduce use error, injuries from medical devices, and product recalls.”


What Clients Should Know About Usability Testing

Occasionally clients contact us about conducting a usability test without knowing exactly what they’re asking for. Sometimes this happens because they’ve been told testing sounds like a good idea, sometimes it happens because they read something somewhere that intrigued them, or sometimes it’s...

Five UX & Design Quotes to Inspire You

It's half way through the week. After spending so much time hunched over computers or stuck in meetings selling the value of usability, let's take a moment to be inspired by the words of wisdom of our peers. 

Here are five UX quotes curated by our UX team to inspire you this humpday. Enjoy! 


5 MORE Reasons Why Your User Experience is Frustrating

In June we shared with you our opinions on the top five reasons why your user experience is unpleasant. We’ve given it some more thought and decided we didn’t want to stop there. Everyday we run across websites or other UIs that simply weren’t designed with the user in mind. This month, combining...

UX Research Method Spotlight: Card Sorting

We’re starting a new blog series here at Normal Modes that we’re affectionately referring to as the “UX Research Method Spotlight.” In this blog series we’re going to highlight our favorite (and most valuable) UX and usability testing methodologies. Each entry in the series will focus on a user...

When to Outsource Usability Testing

At Normal Modes we love helping people. It’s the core of all our user research and it’s what we specialize in and it’s what we love.

Over the last several years we noticed the demand for our training services skyrocketing. More and more organizations are investing in their staff and training them...